JI Design | Why Is Giving Back Important For Your Business?
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Give Back

Why Is Giving Back Important For Your Business?

What does it mean to give back? It doesn’t have to be money. It might be volunteer work in your community or taking on a project for a group or non-profit that can’t afford your work.

Last week I stepped away from my desk voluntarily. Instead of working, I chose to spend six very long days with thirty teenagers. Why would I do this? I might be a little crazy, but more so it is because I am passionate about helping small businesses to thrive, entrepreneurs to discover their potential and I just really enjoy teenagers. So for three years I have volunteered as a Company Advisor for Alaska Business Week (ABW), a one-week program that teaches Alaskan high school students the basics of business, leadership and entrepreneurship.

Volunteering for ABW is more than just a passion for me though, it also aligns with who we are as a company. Our clients are small businesses and our entire purpose is to help them grow and thrive. If they aren’t successful, neither are we! Another benefit of our involvement in ABW is the opportunity to network and meet other business owners throughout Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.

The Sitka Women’s Business Network has been another great opportunity for us to give back. We designed their logo, developed their website and host many of their networking events in our Sitka office. It has helped us to build recognition and respect within the community and also helped the Sitka Women’s Business Network to grow and connect more women entrepreneurs and business owners.

Sometimes giving back for us is doing work at a discounted rate so that local non-profits can promote their services at a cost that fits within their budget. We like to help organizations that contribute to the health of the community. Small businesses need a healthy community to thrive and we are a small business!

Our workplace culture is also important to us and giving back can be an opportunity to strengthen employee engagement while supporting a good cause. Our Design Dogs series was inspired by our collective love for our rescued furry friends and helps to promote adopting rather than shopping. Because each dog plays such an important role in the lives of the JI Design team, it is a cause that everyone can stand behind.

So why is giving back important for your business? Supporting organizations that are in line with your mission builds recognition and respect. Volunteer work can provide networking opportunities that may lead to new business or open doors to new ventures. Supporting organizations that contribute to a healthier community in turn fosters economic growth and a healthier business climate. Finding causes that your employees are passionate about creates opportunity for employee engagement and improves the culture of your workplace.

At JI Design, giving back is a part of who we are and something that we love to do. How does your business give back?