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Tools Behind JI Design

Keeping a small business organized is hard work. From bookkeeping to employee management, there never seems to be enough time.

As JI Design has grown, we’ve developed an arsenal of tools that make our day to day a little easier. Here are some of the tools that help us stay organized:


This task tracking software is easy to use and even better to look at. It keeps projects organized by creating a timeline and a conversation board for the team. Tasks are created and easily assigned to an employee who can find all their work, along with due dates, on a list when they log in.

Asana helps keep the team on track with color changing due dates, email alerts and more. We highly recommend for any size team or just yourself, a few of our employees have even created personal accounts to keep their lives organized.


Harvest is a time tracking software that helps give a comprehensive overview of your business. Using Quickbooks integration, it’s easy to keep track of money spent and earned on projects.

One page holds almost everything you need to know about clients billable time. Projects are assigned budgeted hours and tracked with every employee minute logged. Email updates are sent when a project is getting close to the budget and alerts the team. This feature is helpful to stay aware of each project’s status.


Known for being a small business helper, Quickbooks simplifies invoicing to have all your estimates, invoices and payments in the same place. Clients can also pay with credit card to speed up the payment process.

Quickbooks allows multiple users and is mobile friendly, perfect for the business owner on the go.

What tools help power your business? Leave us a comment!