JI Design | The Power of Video
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The Power of Video

Social media is flooded with videos of all kinds. Informational webinars to funny pranks, there is a little something for everyone.

How can you use videos to boost engagement on your page? Follow these tips to create a catchy video your audience will love.

Take Advantage of Facebook Live

Facebook Live offers you the opportunity to connect with your audience at any time by simply live streaming something that you do. Your followers will receive a notification that you are going live which grabs their attention. Once the live stream starts, followers can live comment to ask questions or give suggestions. This is a great way to pull focus on your brand in a casual way.

We did our first Facebook Live broadcast last week! Visit our page to watch!

Keep It Short

Videos will account for over 80% of social content by 2020. Make sure you are following the curve by creating short, engaging videos that can’t help but be watched. Videos under 30-seconds have the best watch rate. While scrolling through a timeline people often stop for a few seconds and move on if they lose interest. Keeping videos short can make a big difference in views.

Use Subtitles

In 2017, over 85% of Facebook videos were watched without sound. Take the time to add text to your videos. This allows followers to watch without having to turn up the volume.

Spend A Few Dollars

Create a video that you know your current audience members will love. Promote it to grab the attention of potential followers. Video ads are sneaky and blend well with the organic posts that surrounds it. $20 can get you far for a post that has great content.

Don’t be afraid to tackle videos in 2018. They will help your brand stand out with content that is uniquely you!