Weed Dudes

The website features splashes of color and a funky typeface, while organizing and presenting a wealth of information in an approachable manner.

Sitka School District

The Sitka School Districts logo is a visual representation that captures the embodiment of the history, spirit and people of Sitka.

New Creations Mobile Bistro

The New Creations Mobile Bistro website is clean and easy to navigate showcasing their Southern BBQ and love for the community that they serve.

Sitka Rotary

Rotary District 5010 Alaska & Yukon | An Adventure of a Lifetime | Sitka 2017 Event Logo

This event logo was inspired by the natural beauty of Sitka, Alaska. The overall look and feel works seamlessly with the Rotary International official logo and brand identity.

Sitka Community Land Trust

Branding & Identity

The colors and imagery are inspired by what the land trust provides the citizens of Sitka, a safe foundation.