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Social Media Decoded

Social media can be confusing. Deciding to venture out onto a new platform is exciting but can also be very stressful without the correct planning. Become #socialmediasavvy by paying close attention to what each platform offers.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. How do you know what to use? In #socialmediadecoded we break down each platform to make them simple and understandable.


Facebook is the most popular social media platform with nearly 2 billion monthly users. Facebook reach is limitless with the right content. Videos and visually rich photos are the best way to get followers engaged.

Facebook is home to a diverse and widespread community. With the majority of users falling between 25 and 34, it is important to remember that your audience is educated and most likely working.

Facebook is a platform that is extremely user-friendly. Posting, updating statuses and creating events can all be done in just a few minutes. In the past few years, Facebook has grown to brand itself as the “it” social network for all ages. From grandparents to young teens, mostly everyone has a profile.

Advertising on Facebook is easy and cost effective. Facebook will automatically suggest that posts be “boosted” by their content. Paying to show a post is a great way to get yourself in front of your customers. While building an ad you can select the demographics that best suit your brand. Ads can run for as little as $1 per day. Ad and post tracking on Facebook is another beneficial feature that makes reporting easy. Facebook automatically runs analytics on your posts and engagement.

Facebook is the right choice for almost any brand. The diversity of the platform makes it easy to create content specific to your brand. While posting remember that images and videos are 3 times more likely to be clicked and regular postings are vital to establish digital branding.


Twitter is famous for the 140 character limit. Unlike Facebook, Twitter is more popular for short updates and photos.

The top three followed Twitter pages are Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, and Barack Obama. The Twitter user is looking for condensed information that they can see quickly. Users interact the most the pop culture icons. Although the majority of users fall between 25 and 34, the Twitter user is looking for different information.

While Facebook users are connected with family and friends, Twitter is used to keep up to date rather than converse. Twitter aims to have a newsfeed that is diverse and can be read in minutes.

News and magazine accounts are extremely popular offering followers short snippets of information in real time. The Twitter user is busy and wants their information quickly.

Advertising on Twitter is much different than Facebook. Twitter offers ads that are meant to help your brand in a specific way. For example, their ad types fall under “raising brand awareness, increase website traffic or grow your Twitter following.” Depending on the ad type you choose, you have the option to pinpoint demographics.

Twitter can be a tough venue for businesses. Successful brands often have multiple Tweets a day with short blurbs on what the company is up to. While Twitter is a growing venue, it may not be the right fit for everyone. Take into account your demographics before diving in.


Beautiful pictures accompanied by witty captions and hashtags make up an Instagram feed.

Here are some important stats to keep in mind: 68% of Instagram users are Females, 80% come from outside of the U.S. and there are a total of 77.6 million Instagram users in the US.

Instagram users fall predominantly in the age range of 18 to 29. It is important to keep in mind that the majority of Instagram users are young females. Even though your brand may not be targeting young women, Instagram can still be a valuable platform for you.

It is all about the photos. If your brand can create stunning photos, then Instagram can be an asset to you. Many brands have visuals they have never thought of. From retail products to fishing companies, Instagram is a great venue to share your story.

Posts do well when they are short, contain hashtags and drawn in the eye. Experimenting with different photo topics is key to keeping followers engaged.

Advertising on Instagram is a lot like Facebook, posts are promoted by day and dollar amount. While all advertising may seem great, Instagram users have voiced that they find ads annoying and pushy. It may be best to let your posts speak for themselves.

Instagram is an easy setup and posting process which can increase visibility for almost any brand. Make sure to use the filters in the app to make your posts pop.


Pinterest is similar to Instagram, all posts are visuals, but Pinterest is so much more. Recipes, workout plans, budgets and wedding ideas, these can all be found on Pinterest.

Pinterest is a unique platform that allows users to find whatever they want and save it to their own board (their page). With 150 million monthly users, it is worth investigating.

81% of users are females and only 7% of saved pins come from males. Pinterest is a web of ideas that users search and sort through to fit their needs and lifestyle.

Businesses can get themselves in front of users by creating visually engaging content that also has a purpose. Pinterest is not for selling, it is for engaging.

For example, a pin posted that said “On Sale Now-Serenity Bracelets!” over a picture of a bracelet would be an eyesore and very out of place.

Instead, a pin that was a picture of the bracelet lying in the sand on the beach with the caption “Find Your Serenity” would have much better engagement. Pins should always link back to a website.

The Pinterest user does not want to feel like they are being sold to. Instead, half the fun of Pinterest is feeling like you have stumbled across something unique.

Pinterest is a great platform for businesses that are willing to put in the time. Designing, posting and monitoring pins can be a lengthy process but can get your brand in front of so many people.

While using any social media, make sure to do your research. Check that the photos and copy you are using are original and catchy. Interact with other social pages to boost followers and gain supporters. Have fun! Social media is a place to express your brand and show the world what you have to offer.\