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JI Design | Empowering Lady Bosses By Giving Back
JI Design | Empowering Lady Bosses By Giving Back
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Sitka Woman's Business Network Website

Empowering Lady Bosses By Giving Back

Sitka Women’s Business Network is a local organization that provides the opportunity for entrepreneurs and business owners to network and grow. Danielle Cassedy, owner of Empower Nutrition, founded SWBN because she finds “empowerment in engaging with other small business owners” and apparently, she isn’t the only one! The networking group has been a tremendous success. Recognizing the value of what the SWBN offers to women in business and the community, we decided to give our time and services by developing their logo and website.

Logo & Branding

Sitka Women's Business Network Branding & Logo

The community in Sitka is comprised of a variety of talents, skills, and professions. The SWBN logo is inspired by this variety, featuring silhouettes of four unique women. The colors are feminine yet fresh, which combines well with a fun slab serif typeface.

Website Design & Development

Sitka Women's Business Network Website

Prior to having a website, SWBN’s only presence on the Internet was their Facebook page. The website we created for them hosts all their information in a more personal, professional, and concise method. The one-page endless scroll design takes visitors through everything they need to know about SWBN and how they can become a part of the growing organization.

If you are a lady boss and live in Sitka, check out SWBN! You will be glad you did. Check out our portfolio to see more of our work.