JI Design | How we create a logo together
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How we create a logo together

Here at JI Design, we follow a pretty typical approach to the logo design process. We try to create an experience for our clients that evokes a sense of exploration, discovery, and collaboration. A strong brand is only possible with the feedback and background provided by the client.


Getting to Know Each Other

As often is as necessary, the client and JI Design sit down to discuss what the client’s needs are and what we can offer as a solution. Basic history of the client and their business, the current state of their brand, and other details are often also noted at this point.


Using specific details discussed so far, a proposal and service agreement is written by the designer for the client. This includes a summary of the client’s needs, list of deliverables, projected timeline, and cost.

Discovery Meeting

Here the designer and client sit down to learn more about the client and their business, explore style and color inspiration, and narrow down potential concepts.

Research & Internal Drafting

Researching the company, company history, style inspiration, etc should be solid and diverse. Part of this is done in preparation for the discovery meeting, but more is completed once the project is actually started.

Moodboard or lists of concepts may be developed here to aid in the research and overall feel of the identity. A set of initial logo designs are created and critiqued internally.

Initial Concepts Presentation

An initial round of drafts are presented to the client in a one-on-one meeting. This conversation addresses the logos overall, as well as small details such as typefaces and colors. Supplementary materials, such as other versions or color chips, are kept on-hand if beneficial to the conversation.

Revisions & Reworking

Within a respectable amount of time, so as to not lose any momentum or ideas from any previous meetings, revisions to the logos are created and presented and undergo more critique and exchange of ideas.

Final Identity Package

Once an identity is final, logo files (usually JPG, PNG, and EPS) are packaged and a general guidelines document or style guide is created. These guidelines lay out typefaces and colors that are important to the consistency of the brand.

All in all, the logo design process is just that – a process. Critique is not a bad or scary thing, but rather the tool that facilitates the exchange of understanding and brainstorming between the client and designer. We are here to help your ideas become a reality.