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Social Media

Twitter: The Basics

Twitter is a powerful online tool companies use to reach and engage customers. It is a constantly evolving environment, but Twitter users will always want interesting tidbits, and they want them now. After reading Twitter’s own tips on successful content for businesses, keep the following in mind: Concise Matters Since our last blog about social media, Twitter has lengthened their character limit to 280 from 140. However, you should still be as concise as possible when reaching out to customers. A Twitter user’s brain is still wired to scroll through their feed, picking out only the posts that catch their eyes. Lengthy...


Hashtags Demystified

A hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by what used to be known as the pound sign or hash mark. It all started on August 23, 2007, when a Google developer suggested the # be used to label groups. While not extremely popular at first, you can’t take a glimpse at social media without seeing them today. Using a hashtag makes your post searchable by other users. This means people that aren’t connected to you can find your posts which is great for businesses. The hashtag has the power to connect, start a movement or tell a story. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram-...


Social Media Decoded

Social media can be confusing. Deciding to venture out onto a new platform is exciting but can also be very stressful without the correct planning. Become #socialmediasavvy by paying close attention to what each platform offers. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. How do you know what to use? In #socialmediadecoded we break down each platform to make them simple and understandable. Facebook Facebook is the most popular social media platform with nearly 2 billion monthly users. Facebook reach is limitless with the right content. Videos and visually rich photos are the best way to get followers engaged. Facebook is home to a diverse and...