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Social Media

Woman writing in notebook

How to Write Captivating Headlines

There is little value in writing a blog post if no one ever sees it, and yet research suggests that most people are just consuming titles, often gazing barely beyond the first paragraph, if at all. In fact, according to an article in Forbes, 59% of all links shared on social media aren’t actually clicked on, suggesting that we may all be turning into goldfish with our blink-and-it’s-gone attention spans. The ultimate significance of these findings is that a person’s skill in formulating a truly captivating headline is almost more valuable than the ability to write a meaningful post. Fortunately, there...

Woman Listening To Podcast

My 7 Favorite Podcasts For Business & Life

I have recently started listening to podcasts, and I am addicted. I am learning so much from very talented, and genuine people sharing their experiences with life and business. These are my top favorites right now! I tried to put them in some sort of order, but it was just impossible. #1 The Goal Digger Podcast “Week after week, host Jenna Kutcher brings you the the productivity tips, social media strategies, business hacks,, and inspirational stories that can help YOU design your dream career. Jenna shares tangible tips and hacks that she used to become a self-made millionaire in photography, online courses,...


Options for Social Automation

When it comes to social automation services, the search can be overwhelming. There are lots of options, both free and paid, that can help you set up scheduled social postings. We’ve tried a few ourselves and have compiled a list of three services that could be a good fit for your small business. Hootsuite Easily the most popular social automation service, Hootsuite offers the basics. Analytics, scheduling and your timeline can easily be found on its home page. Hootsuite offers a free plan perfect for small business owners that includes 3 social profiles and up to 30 scheduled posts. The analytics...

Social Media for Business

5 Best Social Courses for Small Businesses

As a small business you wear many hats. From accounting to social media, you have to be savvy at everything. To help master the evolving world of social media, we suggest carving out the time to take a few social courses that will boost your skills. JI Design has compiled a list of courses that are free, easy to follow and give you the information you need. What is Social? This course on Coursera is free and offers a solid introduction to social media. Attendees will learn how to create a social media strategy and craft posts that will...

Woman at computer using LinkedIn

5 LinkedIn Basics

LinkedIn is a great way to get connected to colleagues, friends and potential job opportunities. Think of it as the Facebook for professionals with content constantly flowing and engaging conversations surrounding it. Use these tips to master your LinkedIn profile and interaction. 1. Create A Custom URL A custom URL tells anyone viewing your profile that you pay attention to detail. Let’s say you are applying for a job who wants to look over your page. Don’t send them a URL filled with numbers and dashes. Custom URLs can be your name or anything you would like. 2. Choose The Right...

JI Design Instagram account on phone

Instagram Basics

With over 800 million monthly active users, Instagram is a must-have social network for any business. Learn about current trends and tips to make the most of this massive social community. Shoppable Content: Shopify and Instagram have partnered allowing retail accounts to push sales through the platform. Shopping ads blend into the feed and with a simple click, users are taken to a retail store. Tip: Create enticing, original images of the product you are showcasing to draw in potential buyers. Mobile Ads: Instagram has over 2 million advertisers competing on the platform. Updates to the Instagram algorithm have produced...

Man tweeting on Twitter

Twitter Updates

From 140 to 280 Back in November, Twitter announced it would be expanding its character limit to 280. This was the first change to Twitter basics since its inception in 2006. The original 140 character limit was set to mimic a text message which, at the time, displayed 160 characters. Twitter founders left 20 characters for the username and 140 for the tweet. The increase in character length is an interesting choice, especially following the release of an internal study conducted by Twitter. Only 5% of tweets sent from people in the test group were longer than 140 characters and a mere 2%...


How will a blog help my business?

It seems that everywhere you look there are blogs. Food, clothes, opinion, political, you name it. Blogging isn’t just for personal expression anymore, it can be a valuable part of your business’s digital strategy. Creating a blog isn’t easy but can draw consumers into your brand. Here are some tips to help you get started and some outcomes you can expect. Creation First, you need a name, ours is “Be Inspired.” Your blog name should represent your business but also be catchy and memorable. Like the name, the branding of your blog page or website should not necessarily mimic but...


Facebook Updates

Every year Facebook revamps itself to become more user-friendly. While this is great for your personal scrolling experience, business pages are being pushed from the timeline to create a more fluid platform. The head of its News Feed team at Facebook, Adam Mosseri, said that these changes “mean we’ll show less public content, including videos and other posts from publishers or businesses.” Here are a few tips to make sure your business page still gets the views it deserves.   Create organic content Making content your followers love to see means they will actually want to connect with you! Facebook users have the power to...


The Power of Video

Social media is flooded with videos of all kinds. Informational webinars to funny pranks, there is a little something for everyone. How can you use videos to boost engagement on your page? Follow these tips to create a catchy video your audience will love. Take Advantage of Facebook Live Facebook Live offers you the opportunity to connect with your audience at any time by simply live streaming something that you do. Your followers will receive a notification that you are going live which grabs their attention. Once the live stream starts, followers can live comment to ask questions or give suggestions. This is...