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Sitka Woman's Business Network Website

Empowering Lady Bosses By Giving Back

Sitka Women’s Business Network is a local organization that provides the opportunity for entrepreneurs and business owners to network and grow. Danielle Cassedy, owner of Empower Nutrition, founded SWBN because she finds “empowerment in engaging with other small business owners” and apparently, she isn’t the only one! The networking group has been a tremendous success. Recognizing the value of what the SWBN offers to women in business and the community, we decided to give our time and services by developing their logo and website. Logo & Branding The community in Sitka is comprised of a variety of talents, skills, and professions. The...

Pencil and Pencil Sharpener

How we create a logo together

Here at JI Design, we follow a pretty typical approach to the logo design process. We try to create an experience for our clients that evokes a sense of exploration, discovery, and collaboration. A strong brand is only possible with the feedback and background provided by the client. THE BASIC STEPS: Getting to Know Each Other As often is as necessary, the client and JI Design sit down to discuss what the client’s needs are and what we can offer as a solution. Basic history of the client and their business, the current state of their brand, and other details are often...


What Your Logo Says About You

Your logo is the face of your business. It goes everywhere that your business goes, with or without you. So it’s only safe to say that your logo should be a keen and clear representation of your business. Color palette, typography, and iconography all work hand in hand to create a logo. Colors all inherently evoke emotions and feelings (check out this chart to learn more). A sans-serif typeface can be more contemporary and corporate than a serif typeface, whereas a sans-serif can represent more historical, traditional, or warm characteristics. The icons you choose to represent your company all come with...