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Baranof Realty

Baranof Realty

Baranof Realty entered a new partnership and their brand refresh was part of the change. The project was a collaboration of ideas and the final design couldn’t be a better fit.

The logo mark is a simplified representation of the iconic Three Sisters mountains. The waves of the Pacific ocean sit just below their often snow capped peaks. Nestled in the negative space between the two (a little imagination is required here) is the home you have been looking for.

The color palette, a vital part of brand recognition, works with the logo to establish the tone of Baranof’s brand voice. 

Red shows strength and confidence, and is also highly visible on signage. The teal and brown work with the red to create a fun combination that is warm and friendly. Teal is a revitalizing color that represents open communication and clarity of thought, while brown shows genuineness and dependability.