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Sitka Woman's Business Network Website

Empowering Lady Bosses By Giving Back

Sitka Women’s Business Network is a local organization that provides the opportunity for entrepreneurs and business owners to network and grow. Danielle Cassedy, owner of Empower Nutrition, founded SWBN because she finds “empowerment in engaging with other small business owners” and apparently, she isn’t the only one! The networking group has been a tremendous success. Recognizing the value of what the SWBN offers to women in business and the community, we decided to give our time and services by developing their logo and website. Logo & Branding The community in Sitka is comprised of a variety of talents, skills, and professions. The

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How to Write Captivating Headlines

There is little value in writing a blog post if no one ever sees it, and yet research suggests that most people are just consuming titles, often gazing barely beyond the first paragraph, if at all. In fact, according to an article in Forbes, 59% of all links shared on social media aren’t actually clicked on, suggesting that we may all be turning into goldfish with our blink-and-it’s-gone attention spans. The ultimate significance of these findings is that a person’s skill in formulating a truly captivating headline is almost more valuable than the ability to write a meaningful post. Fortunately, there

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My 7 Favorite Podcasts For Business & Life

I have recently started listening to podcasts, and I am addicted. I am learning so much from very talented, and genuine people sharing their experiences with life and business. These are my top favorites right now! I tried to put them in some sort of order, but it was just impossible. #1 The Goal Digger Podcast “Week after week, host Jenna Kutcher brings you the the productivity tips, social media strategies, business hacks,, and inspirational stories that can help YOU design your dream career. Jenna shares tangible tips and hacks that she used to become a self-made millionaire in photography, online courses,

Pencil and Pencil Sharpener

How we create a logo together

Here at JI Design, we follow a pretty typical approach to the logo design process. We try to create an experience for our clients that evokes a sense of exploration, discovery, and collaboration. A strong brand is only possible with the feedback and background provided by the client. THE BASIC STEPS: Getting to Know Each Other As often is as necessary, the client and JI Design sit down to discuss what the client’s needs are and what we can offer as a solution. Basic history of the client and their business, the current state of their brand, and other details are often

Business Building Blocks

Do I Really Need A Business Plan?

Almost every small business development organization, business coach or even fellow business owner would say that you need a business plan, and for good reason! “Creating a strong, well thought-out business plan is the most important step you can take if you are serious about developing a financial and emotional rewarding business.” This is great advice from the Alaska Small Business Development Center. Your business plan can be so much more than a required document for financing. It has the ability be an incredibly useful tool to help you map out your future and your goals. It should be a living

Give Back

Why Is Giving Back Important For Your Business?

What does it mean to give back? It doesn’t have to be money. It might be volunteer work in your community or taking on a project for a group or non-profit that can’t afford your work. Last week I stepped away from my desk voluntarily. Instead of working, I chose to spend six very long days with thirty teenagers. Why would I do this? I might be a little crazy, but more so it is because I am passionate about helping small businesses to thrive, entrepreneurs to discover their potential and I just really enjoy teenagers. So for three years I


A Logo vs. An Illustration

The line between a logo and an illustration can be a bit fuzzy at times. They both start from the same thing (a drawing), but their end results are much different. Concept An illustration tells a story, a logo defines a brand. While every brand has a story, a logo should take this and create an icon that represents the ideas, motives, and goals that the company currently represents, rather than depict an intricate history or situation. This definition in a logo also allows for a brand to appeal to a wider audience, embody increased clarity, and increase recognition. Here's a dramatic

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5 Steps to Get Started in WordPress

WordPress is by and large one of the most well known content management systems (CMS) in the world. At the time this post was written, it is estimated that WordPress powered sites account for about 30% of all websites on the internet. This staggering statistic alone is a testament to just how versatile WordPress is, but that being said, this amazing and powerful tool can be used by just about anyone at any skill level to build a website best suited to their needs. This short introduction will walk you through the basics of arguably the most powerful CMS in the


Options for Social Automation

When it comes to social automation services, the search can be overwhelming. There are lots of options, both free and paid, that can help you set up scheduled social postings. We’ve tried a few ourselves and have compiled a list of three services that could be a good fit for your small business. Hootsuite Easily the most popular social automation service, Hootsuite offers the basics. Analytics, scheduling and your timeline can easily be found on its home page. Hootsuite offers a free plan perfect for small business owners that includes 3 social profiles and up to 30 scheduled posts. The analytics


Is Your Website Secure?

This is a pretty important question! Did you know that with the release of Google Chrome 68 next month (July of 2018) all non-secure HTTP sites will be flagged as such and Chrome will warn visitors that your site is potentially unsafe. Sounds a little intimidating, doesn’t it? I am just a small business. Does it really matter? If you already have an HTTPS site with an SSL certificate, you can stop reading this blog right now and rest assured that you are already prepared. For the rest of us, if you have an HTTPS site but you do not have an