JI Design | Instagram Basics
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JI Design Instagram account on phone

Instagram Basics

With over 800 million monthly active users, Instagram is a must-have social network for any business. Learn about current trends and tips to make the most of this massive social community.

Shoppable Content:

Shopify and Instagram have partnered allowing retail accounts to push sales through the platform. Shopping ads blend into the feed and with a simple click, users are taken to a retail store.

Tip: Create enticing, original images of the product you are showcasing to draw in potential buyers.

Mobile Ads:

Instagram has over 2 million advertisers competing on the platform. Updates to the Instagram algorithm have produced better feeds for the user, but leave businesses behind. Feeds now focus on posts from friends rather than business accounts making advertising a necessity.

Tip: Know your audience.


Don’t waste money on a generalized ad campaign. Instead, dive into your customer base and target people that are similar.


The days of fumbling with your account on a daily basis are over. Posts can now be scheduled with third-party apps in advance. This saves time, money and stress. Make sure to still post spontaneously, that’s what makes a feed interesting.

Tip: Put time into researching third-party scheduling tools. There are a handful of top contenders that offer a variety of insight, advertising and team tools.


Face Filters:

Much like Snapchat and Facebook, Instagram now offers face filters and other augmented reality features. While puppy dog ears and flowers might not seem important to your brand, the feature is. Brands can customize these filters to make something unique for their followers.

Tip: The most used filters are cute and lighthearted. While creating, keep in mind that these filters are usually shared with friends in stories and should be easily identifiable.



Instagram is infamous for posts with seemingly never-ending hashtags. Do they help increase engagement? A report by Mention, a social tracking tool, found that as hashtags increase, interaction decreases. Posts with no hashtags had 33% more engagement than posts with one or more.

Tip: Test what works for your brand.


Try posts with varying amounts of hashtags to see what works best for your page.

Need help navigating the world of social selling? JI Design offers a variety of social media services.