JI Design | Twitter: The Basics
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Twitter: The Basics

Twitter is a powerful online tool companies use to reach and engage customers. It is a constantly evolving environment, but Twitter users will always want interesting tidbits, and they want them now. After reading Twitter’s own tips on successful content for businesses, keep the following in mind:

Concise Matters

Since our last blog about social media, Twitter has lengthened their character limit to 280 from 140. However, you should still be as concise as possible when reaching out to customers. A Twitter user’s brain is still wired to scroll through their feed, picking out only the posts that catch their eyes. Lengthy posts do not guarantee more attention or interaction, and Twitter is all about interaction. The best way to reach new customers on Twitter is to have your current followers retweet your content, providing free advertising in your likely demographic.

Emulate Expertise

Along with being concise, your posts should be well thought out and provide something the user wants. It is the perfect environment to keep your followers informed of updates, delays, events, and more, but it also presents an opportunity to market yourself as a hub of knowledge. The best Twitter businesses retweet facts and findings tweeted by other sources. This makes them a one-stop-shop for information, and an easy follow. More follows means more retweets, which means more reach and more customers.


As followers represent a form of free advertising, one way to reach new ones is with hashtags. The powerful # provides three distinct and powerful tools.

  • Brand Recognition

Here at JI Design, we use the hashtags #beinspired #jidesign. Each of these unique identifiers link all of our previous posts together on our social media platforms, providing quick access to a database of relevant content to our brand.

  • Customer Interaction

These same hashtags can be used by a customer for queries or feedback. Using tools like Twitter’s Tweetdeck [link], a business can have a timeline built of only posts using a set of hashtags.

  • Networking through common interests

Using an generic hashtag such as #blog, #webdesign, or #writing creates a link on a global scale. The more specific your hashtags are to a particular interest, the more chance you have of attracting a customer that is interested in exactly what you’re pushing.

Final Notes

  • Avoid altercations with Twitter users – maintain your professionalism when dealing with appropriate feedback, and utilize the handy block feature when the feedback is inappropriate.
  • Be aware of which account you’re using! Many businesses tweet from their phone or tablet, seamlessly switching between work and personal accounts. It becomes easy to forget which you’re logged into.