JI Design | The Creativity of Working Remotely
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The Creativity of Working Remotely

Everyone is busy. Between work, family and friends it can be hard to manage your time. Having a job that offers a relaxed yet reliable environment is the best of both worlds.

Remote working offers both employees and employers countless benefits from flexible work hours to improved morale.

JI Design offers its employees a remote working environment that promotes creativity and a healthy work-life balance. We can get our work done from home, the local coffee shop, or almost anywhere.

According to FlexJobs, the number of remote workers has grown by 115 percent in the last 10 years. What’s the reason for this switch?

Workers are no longer just looking for a job that pays the bills. They want their job to work with the rest of their life. Working remotely challenges employees to be more responsible with their work, yet allows flexibility for other things that are important to them.

LeadEdge, a company that specializes in digital leadership, offers these insights as to why remote working is a positive move.

Reduced Travel Time: No one wants to waste their time doing the daily commute
Reduced Overhead: No workers coming in means reduced office expenses
Reduced Stress: Working in your own space, no manager breathing down your neck
Increased Productivity: Getting more done without the coffee pot gossip
Lower Turnover Rate: A mashup of all the above play into employee retention

Feeling stuck? Get up and take a walk. Dentist appointment? Go to it. Sick kids? Take care of them.

Flexible, remote working offers employees something that an office job can’t – piece of mind. While your job is important, so is your family and health. Creating an environment of support, creativity and learning is what keeps a remote business going.

Jackie Davis