JI Design | Epic Adventures of an Entrepreneur
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Epic Adventures of an Entrepreneur

For the past two months, I had the opportunity to adventure with my eighteen year old son. We started in Alaska, traveled down the entire west coast to Mexico and then back up again. We traveled for miles by car, enjoyed first class seats on Alaska Airlines and motor sailed from Cabo San Lucas to La Paz and then on up to Loretto. We made new friends and reconnected with old ones that we hadn’t seen in years. We hiked slot canyons, explored beaches and coves, swam with whale sharks and soaked up as much sun as we possible could. It was the most epic adventure I have ever been on.

Through all of this though, I also had to run my business, and while it wasn’t always easy, we did it! I have a really great team and could not have done it without them. JI Design is so much more than just me! In the article, 5 Ways Adventure Travel Makes You a Better Entrepreneur, author Blake Snow talks about the advantages of stepping away. “When we travel, we force dependent work associates back home to carry on without us, our micromanagement, and/or our direct input. This not only makes them more independent workers, it also ultimately frees us to focus more on strategic growth. We don’t spend all our time simply maintaining the status quo. As crazy as it sounds, our absence from the workplace helps others, too.”

While I did greatly depend on the JI Design team to keep things running smoothly, I was actually able to work most days. I spent many early mornings on the deck of the SV Private World watching the sun rise while sipping my coffee and checking my email. At JI Design we primarily work remote. Just recently Jackie Davis wrote a blog, Tools Behind JI Design, about the resources that we utilize to make it all work. It is because of these great tools, the processes and systems that we have in place, and access to wifi from almost anywhere, that I was able to work most every day.

I am certainly not the only entrepreneur with a passion for travel! It inspires creativity, exposes us to different cultures and offers a different perspective on life and business. While it is nice to be back after such a long journey, I can’t help but think about what adventure may come next.

Jennifer Robinson