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Man on laptop looking at Samson Tug and Barge website

Current Trends in Web Design

Design for the web is an ever-evolving skillset. The possibilities are endless with a good design and development team behind the creativity.


Animation is now more accessible than ever. There are plenty of tools out there to help you bring your animations to life without the need to have strong coding background. This is a huge example of the line between design and development slowly becoming more blurred in the web world. Not only is creating animations more accessible, but browsers have improved to allow these functionalities to live to their fullest.

See an example here →  


More Color

Color has always been important, but huge washes of color, gradients, and colorful effects are becoming more prevalent in web design. Color has such a strong power to create an experience and set a mood, so combined with excellent functionalities in a site, the user experience can only become more intense.

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People love data, if they can read it. Designer, information scientist, and developer all come together here to create a beautiful story, starring data. This makes complicated (or just boring) information a much more user-friendly experience, enhancing both the site and the visitor with increased knowledge and value.

See an example here →  



Photo-heavy sites have been popular for awhile now, but illustrations are becoming more popular. Illustrations enhance user experience, help guide the organization of information, and add fun and quirk to a site.

See an example here →  


Mobile First

Designing sites for mobile viewing first has been a trend for a few years, but it is only becoming more and more important. People spend their evenings on their phone, browsing endlessly. Desktops are more used for work-focused tasks. To encourage and increase conversions in a website, the mobile interface must be just as informative, easy to use, and beautiful as the desktop site.

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