JI Design | Copywriting vs Copyrighting
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Copywriting vs Copyrighting


They sound exactly the same but they are completely different tasks that both fall within the marketing and design worlds and are both extremely important. Here is a simple walkthrough of these tricky words!


Copyrighting: A copyright is a legal right that grants exclusive rights to the original creator of the artwork. The creator then has full control over how and where their creation is used.


-Legally binding

-Creatively driven


Make sure to check the copyrights before you use any creative material that you do not personally design. That can get you into some big trouble!


Copywriting: Crafting text used for marketing such as Facebook posts, brochure content, ads and much more. This is something we do on a daily basis here at JI Design.


-Copy, the final product (text only)

-Copy can make or break you


Although we can’t help with your copyrighting we can help with your copywriting! Take a look at some of our past projects here: https://jidesign.com/our-work/