JI Design | 10 Incredible Designs To Inspire Creativity
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10 Incredible Designs To Inspire Creativity

10 Incredible Designs To Inspire Creativity

It can be fun exploring the creative ideas of others! Here are ten rather unique and quite incredible designs to admire and inspire.

3D Crosswalk3D Zebra Crosswalk

Town in Iceland Paints 3D Zebra Crosswalk To Slow Down Speeding Cars
This crosswalk will certainly get the attention of pedestrians and drivers alike!
Street Painting Company: Vegmálun GÍH
Image credits: Gústi Productions


Starburst BookshelfStarburst Bookshelf

Couple Builds DIY Bookshelf Together and It’s a Pinterest Dream Come True
Not your traditional bookshelf, but functional and an incredible statement piece!
Designers: Jess & Sinclair @jessandsinclairfortheblock


Wood BathtubOne Of A Kind Hardwood Bathtub

A Seattle Woodworker Is Turning Bathtubs Into Works of Art
This one-of-a-kind bathtub is crafted in the Pacific Northwest from domestic and exotic hardwoods.
Lead Designer: Nathie Katzoff
NK Woodworking & Design


Straw AnimalGiant Rice Straw Animals

Giant Straw Animals Invade Japanese Fields After Rice Harvest And They Are Absolutely Badass
In Japan, students of Musashino fill the fields of Niigata with these giant animal sculptures made out of bound rice straw.
Wara Art Festival (Japanese), Facebook


Key ArtKey Art

Artist Transforms Old Keys And Coins Into Beautiful Art
From keys and coins to bottles and wine glasses, bowls and even female torsos. Many of these beautiful art pieces are available for sale on Etsy.
Artist: Michael Moerkerk


Gourd LampExotic Gourd Lamps

Amazing Exotic Gourd Lamps from Calabarte
Intricately carved gourd lamps cast incredible shadow art on the walls.
Artist: Przemek Krawczyński


Lip ArtLip Art

Incredible Art of Her Lips Making Makeup Artists
A unique canvas with quite a following. Over 300,000 people are following this artist on Instagram.
Artist: Andrea Reed @girlgreybeauty


Casa BrutaleHome Overlooking the Aegean Sea

Incredible Design Of a Home Set In a Cliff
If a home built seamlessly into the side of a cliff overlooking the Aegean Sea isn’t enough, it also has a swimming pool with a glazed bottom for a roof.
Project Architect: Laertis Antonios Ando Vassiliou
LAAV Architects


Urban Sky FarmUrban Sky Farm

Urban SkyFarm Soaring With Sustainability
So this doesn’t actually exist yet, but it was the first place winner in the 2013 Green Dot Awards Concept category. It’s intended location is in a dense urban area in downtown Seoul.
Design by: Aprilli Design Studio


Mary Antionette CakeMary Antionette Cake

Don’t let them eat THIS cake!
It took this talented cake artist six months, over 200 hours, to make this four foot tall cake of Marie Antoinette. The cake won best in class in the Decorative Exhibit at Cake International.
Cake Artist: Amanda MacLeod

Jennifer Robinson